Powerful and good looking pistol from one of the best shooters 2016


Material: PLA

Process: FDM

Temperature: 210°C

Buildplate Temperature: 60°C

Print Speed: 20mm / s

Layerheight: 0.1mm

Wall thickness: 0.8 mm

Infill: 20%

Assembly Illustration

The assembly process of the Wingman is very easy.

Once you've printed all the components make sure to assemble (you will need to glue the parts together) the gun as shown in the picture below.

The two halves are connected with the rod that goes trough the magazine and the barrel.

You need to assemble the gun this way otherwise you will not be able to insert the barrel anymore.

Make sure to assemble the main body before gluing the handle to the main body.

If you glue both handle shells together they won't fit on the body anymore. 

Prop making Video from UNCLE JESSY

Here's a great Video showing the printing, post processing, assembling and painting of the Wingman.

Make sure to check out his other cool videos.