The legendary Skull Leader from the 80's anime Series Macross /Robotech


Material: PLA

Process: FDM

Temperature: 210°C

Buildplate Temperature: 60°C

Print Speed: 20mm / s

Layerheight: 0.1mm

Wall thickness: 0.8 mm

Infill: 20%

Assembly Illustration

You will need some super glue, sanding paper or precision files for the assembly of this model.

This model is designed for FDM-3dprinters and PLA Filament.

The joints of this model work with friction and you may need to sand some joints to achieve the requested level of friction.







The Assembly of the torso is very tricky. Make sure to clean all support structure accurately before gluing anything together.

Once you are sure that the sliders move freely you can fix them with the 4 little stoppers. Glue them in place and let the glue dry out before you apply any stress on them.

Jet Mode

Once you have the components as shown in the pictures just click them together and enjoy the Jet Mode 

Robot Mode

For Robot Mode you will need to print few additional components (highlighted) in the picture below.

In order to transform Valkyrie into its Robot Mode you will need to remove the legs, arms, cockpit and the head from Valkyrie.

For the Robot Mode you will need the other cockpit with the skull and balljoint.

Fold the torso and slide in the new cockpit.

Jam the shoulder joints between the folded torso and clip the skull cockpit into the the torso.

Attach the head, arms and legs, fold up the jetpack and close the wings - you are ready for Robot Mode!