Juri Pranjic //


Born in the 80's and grown up in the 90's with the best cartoons and toys that ever existed.

I try to bring back the heroes and iconic figures from the good old days to life.

As a kid I had the chance to explore the worlds of 2D consoles and as a teenager I couldn't believe that there will ever be something better than the N64 game James Bond : Goldeneye. The passion for gaming remained and I'm still hitting the virtual battlefield with my age of 30+


Designing 3d-models is a passion of mine and the fact that I can bring them to life with a 3D-Printer is just stunning.

On my little place in the big Internet you will find .STL files ready for 3d-printing.

My designs are mostly personal projects and things that I like.

I offer a variety of free files ready for 3d-printing and a shop with exclusive movie/game props and action figures.


I do commission work too.

Let me know what you're searching for and I'm pretty sure that we can find a solution.

15% of all earnings will be donated to a friends organization that helps people in Africa //CREATE FOR CHANGE//

If you like what I do and you want to support me - hit the DONATE button.